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    • 《abc song》Flash动画课件

      《abc song》Flash动画课件

      栏目:幼儿园英语课件 日期:2016-09-20

      《abc song》Flash动画课件 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N ...... Now you know your A B C Every-body sing with me ... ... ... 关键词:《abc song》教学动画课件,幼儿园英语Flash动画课件下载,幼儿园英语Flash动画课件下..

    • 《The wid and the sun》Flash动画课件

      《The wid and the sun》Flash动画课件

      栏目:幼儿园英语课件 日期:2016-09-20

      《The wid and the sun》Flash动画课件 Im stronger than you! NoIm stronger than you! I can take off his coat! I can take off his coat! ... ... ... 关键词:《The wid and the sun》教学动画课件,幼儿园英语Flash动画..

    • 《你几岁了》Flash动画课件


      栏目:幼儿园英语课件 日期:2016-09-20

      《你几岁了》Flash动画课件 I am one year old. I am two years old. I am three years old. I am four years old. ... ... ... 关键词:你几岁了教学动画课件,幼儿园英语Flash动画课件下载,幼儿园英语Flash动画课件下载,你..

    • 《Three little pigs》Flash动画课件

      《Three little pigs》Flash动画课件

      栏目:幼儿园英语课件 日期:2016-09-20

      《Three little pigs》Flash动画课件 three little pigsthree little pigs first pigsecond pigand little pig first pig was very lazy . second pig was very naughty little pig was a hard worker three little pigsthre..

    • 《Little peter rabbit》Flash动画课件

      《Little peter rabbit》Flash动画课件

      栏目:幼儿园英语课件 日期:2016-09-20

      《Little peter rabbit》Flash动画课件 Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his ear. Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his ear. Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his ear. And he flicked it till it flew away! Litt..

    • 《六只小鸭》Flash动画课件


      栏目:幼儿园英语课件 日期:2016-09-20

      《六只小鸭》Flash动画课件 All the little ducklings Swim in the pool. Heads are in the water Tails are in the air. ... ... ... 关键词:六只小鸭教学动画课件,幼儿园英语Flash动画课件下载,幼儿园英语Flash动画课件下..

    • 《Angels watching over me》Flash动画课件

      《Angels watching over me》Flash动画课件

      栏目:幼儿园英语课件 日期:2016-09-20

      《Angels watching over me》Flash动画课件 All night all day Angels watching over memy lord. All night all day Angels watching over me. Sun is asetting in the west Angels watching over memy lord Sleep my child ta..

    • 《Jingle Bells》Flash动画课件

      《Jingle Bells》Flash动画课件

      栏目:幼儿园英语课件 日期:2016-09-20

      《Jingle Bells》Flash动画课件 Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh. Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one..

    • 《Joy to the world》Flash动画课件

      《Joy to the world》Flash动画课件

      栏目:幼儿园英语课件 日期:2016-09-20

      《Joy to the world》Flash动画课件 Joy to the world the Lord is come! Let earth receive her King; Let every heart prepare Him room And Heaven and nature sing And Heaven and Heaven and nature sing. Joy to the wor..

    • 《小猫在哪里》Flash动画课件


      栏目:幼儿园英语课件 日期:2016-09-20

      《小猫在哪里》Flash动画课件 Is the cat in the kitchen? Noits not! Is the cat outside? Noits not! Is the cat on the chair? Noits not! ... ... ... 关键词:小猫在哪里教学动画课件,幼儿园英语Flash动画课件下载,幼儿..

    • 《little snowman》Flash动画课件

      《little snowman》Flash动画课件

      栏目:幼儿园英语课件 日期:2016-09-20

      《little snowman》Flash动画课件 l`m a little anpwman round and fat here are my mittens here is my hat add a little scarf and a carrot nose you stanf so tall when the cold wind blows l`m a little anpwman round a..

    • 《one little finger》Flash动画课件

      《one little finger》Flash动画课件

      栏目:幼儿园英语课件 日期:2016-09-20

      《one little finger》Flash动画课件 One little finger one litter finger. One little fingertap tap tap. Point to the ceilingpoint to the floor. Put it on your head. ... ... ... 关键词:onelittlefinger教学动画课件..

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